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I'm back!

>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Well I'm back after being long gone and have lots of news to share and update my handful of followers.

1. My dear little sister had her beautiful son on August 10, 2010 I had the privilege to be by her side after a failed induction. Isvi Bradley Cantu was born via C-Section. A gorgeous big boy weighing in at 7lbs 11.8 oz. I was deeply moved to be the first person (besides hospital staff) to hold him. he was all bundled like a burrito, warm and snug, with eyes still closed but he had let out his first cries and was ready to take on the world.

Of course having an aunt who loves to take pictures Isvi had to succumb to being a newborn model, he was awesome and slept the entire time :) giving me the opportunity to create these beautiful photos.

2. Three days after my nephew's birth I found out that I too was going to have a baby, I had a feeling it could be but of course I was not a psychic and I had to test to make sure. For those of you that know me personally, then you understand why getting a positive pregnancy test doesn't mean I'm jumping up and down with joy, instead a time of worry and uncertainty. Somehow this third time around I felt confident, having lived through the horrible experience of loving a baby and then not bringing him home,  then followed by a beautiful pregnancy and a precious 4yr old by my side things seem to be balanced, I know how to prepare for both cases.

I'm currently 21wks pregnant and we are expecting another boy, we have decided on his name but it certainly is the only thing we have prepared for. Jiraiya Alejandro will come into this world mid April of 2011. Under bittersweet circumstances as we are still unsure of the possibility of Miguel being here for the birth.

Shortly after getting the news of my pregnancy I was viciously attacked by nausea, horrible horrible nausea that wouldn't let me get out of bed, or live happily. As that started to subside I was then in peril from horrible migraines for what seemed like some of the longest 2 weeks of my life. Of course that subsided and I had a few weeks of bliss, in this the second trimester. We scheduled an ultrasound with Bluebonnet Diagnostics in Round Rock, TX because we were eager to find out the sex of this baby, and at 16 weeks we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were having yet another boy.

more ultrasound photos are on my facebook page ;)

3. Before I get too ahead of myself I'm going to share some more photos that are memorable to me from the last months, this is turning out to be a large blog ;) but I needed to catch up.

Mikey Started school at the end of August, he loves it and even cries when he has had to stay home from school because of a cold or a temperature. silly kiddo.

We had some fun at the fair in September



October we went to the beach

We went to Six Flags Fright Fest 2010

Sweet Berry Farm Marble Falls, TX pumpkin patch 2010

Halloween 2010 My little vampire :)

In November we went to another monster truck show

Though I should have pictures of Thanksgiving I don't, we went to see our family in Brownsville like we always try to do, and there was some drama that seems to never fail to come and mess things up every few months. It wasn't as enjoyable as I had planned. My camera took a rest for a few weeks after that until Christmas decorating and preparing came along but that will be another post :)

4. As you might have noticed, I have decided to give my photography a name and created a logo for it which I'm very proud of slowly I'm inching my way to "open my lens to the public"  in a more full time manner. I love this hobby of mine and I appreciate the money I've made from it so far, my paying customers have been awesome!  and I'll be blogging on that soon, along with lining up my preparation to taking the big plunge and go full time.

Ta ta for now my friends my hands hurt from typing and my eyes are strained from looking at this computer screen.  I have much more to talk about and a "million" more pictures to share, especially the ones from recent workshops and learning experiences ;) as always I'm striving to become a better photographer and express my view of art through this lens.


Mags January 17, 2011 at 8:05 PM  

OMG Jacky the pics of ISVI are so awesome!! Tears came to my eyes knowing that these moments are the forever times that your sister will always appreciate you being there in more ways than one!!! So exciting to hear about your story and fears of pregnancy again. I know you have been on both sides and there is no one who can ever tell you have to feel until they too are in a similar situation, so Hats off to you for taking the courage to feeling however you want to feel! Looking forward to seeing more and reading more. Mikey is so happy to have you as his mommy!! So glad we have the bond and support we have from our Yahoo group :)


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