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About Me

I am first and foremost Mom and wife, I take my job to heart and don't mind lables, I love my kitchen and keeping my boys fed and happy. My life is surrounded by chaos most of the time though with a 4yr old and a soldier husband another little boy on the way, there is hardly any time for other things. I do however have a passion for photography and every free minute I get I spend learning or practicing.

I can't create art with a pencil or scissors and glue, but looking through the viewfinder of my Canon I see things more perfect than they are. I stick to the basics, I like the sunlight flooding pictures. I strive for striking composition, and look forward to learning something new every time I pick up my camera. Never afraid to try something new. I hope to stay creative for the rest of my life.
Photographers that inspire me:
Beth Jansen (her website must be broken today the day that I posted this page will update soon for now enjoy her photostream on Flickr) The color of her portraits is just heavenly, she can see the art in any set.
Jasmine Star She's the wedding photographer of my dreams, she has a way of capturing raw emotions, in a hip, trendy and fun fashion. I enjoy her blog and the cooky maner she expresses herself about things.
Matilde Berk  She's just truly amazing, every one of her photos moves me to the core, ignites a flurry of emotions in me. Never fails to leave me in awe. YOU MUST see her photostream on Flickr
Kelly West Mars she is the queen of composition her photographs always put a smile on my face, I'm one of her biggest fans, my fellow Army wife, captures the magic of life in her photographs.
Morgan Kervin She's living proof that it's not your equipment that makes you a great photographer, it's your vision that creates the art. Her heart is full, and she loves to share what she learns with her follwers, and fans.



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