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How Orange People Can Give You TNS

>> Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recently I have come across some questionable photography but also a lot of kind advice of why NOT to be so critical of others' work.

For instance that person could be just starting out and still learning their craft.
Maybe they just need some guidance.
They could be portfolio-building.
Good taste isn't something that clients are born with.

Who knows, but all I do know is that there should be a ban of normal people looking like oompa loompas in photographs where they weren't meant to be in costume. I still have freedom of speech so I will say it, some people need to reevaluate their career pathway when their product looks worse than when my son uses his 1.3 mega pixel Mickey Mouse camera.


 Has produced this from a three yr old :

( I'll grant you it's not a picture of people but at least the colors are right)
Legally and morally I can not use the actual photos that irk me so I will purposefully "mess" up some of my own photos to "replicate" the edit styles I'm going to rant about.

1. The Oompa Loompa?

The offender :

My original: (taken with my Canon Rebel XSi  three days after the purchase I sure was a rookie and still consider myself one.)

2. Rudolph the red faced kid? (mostly babies but unfortunately at this time I could not find a suitable example so I'll use my own kid)
The offender:

The original: (yes kids have red skin and so do some adults but they need not be Cinnamon Imperials there should be a balance between that and "normal")

3. The grand daddy of all my peeves is that photo that causes TNS, you know what photo I'm talking about and I'll leave the example out in this case because I refuse to recreate it as I don't want people to suffer TNS on my blog. Now what exactly is TNS? Don't you remember? Well here's a refresher :

I am certain that there is a possibilty that orange people can give you TNS but that would be an absolute nightmare.

Here are some fixes: 

I strongly believe that pictures like "the offenders" were originally intended to have a "color pop" but but somehow the process went very wrong. In case you fall into that category and happened to come across this blog well now you know. "Color Pop" should be for colored things not skin. It should be subtle and careful. There are some beautiful actions and tutorials out there to help you achieve this "color pop" technique here are some resources you might find useful.

The CoffeeShop Blog : Color Pop 2 (free action) and a hoard of free tutorials and other wonderful actions.

Phaunt Actions (free tutorial)

 MCP actions (must purchase)

I know that not everyone has access to a photo editing software, but there are even free ones  on the Internet like Picnik or FotoFlexer that can help you get started somewhere. The Gimp is a photoshop-like program that you can also get for free and there is an abundance of tutorials all over the web on how to use it as well.

Lastly the cure for TNS is simple : hold your camera properly
                                                          keep it steady and avoid motion blur

Ask yourself this question "How will this photo look hainging on a wall?" and you will surely eliminate TNS for life :)                                                         

Every hobbyist must do their best to learn their craft sometimes it's as easy as practice, practice, practice and more practice. The biggest advice I've ever received has been to read, read and re-read my camera manual. To get out of the "auto" modes and learn to use my DSLR in Manual Mode, because if I had a million dollar sports car I'd want to learn it's true potential. Same with your camera learn it's true potential. "safe mode" pictures are just that, "Safe". Inspire yourself through your favorite photographers' work learn what inspires them, and most imoprtantly learn to recieve criticism positive or negative equally. Keep an open mind, aknowledge that there's always room to grow, and keep the "know-it-all" in you inside the closet ;)

These are my own personal opinions, if your business is booming and you are making profit, gaining clientele, meeting your client's expectations, enjoying your work and just having a blast then feel free to continue your pracitices. I know there are clients that are looking for that special something in their photos something unique and out of the box. You must also remember that there are "rules" in photography that have been followed for many years, and mostly that is why we are inspired to pick up a camera and create our own art. You might discuss that rules are meant to be broken and yes they are but the principal objectives of design and composition will still be evident in a unique and out-of-the-box photograph.

I hope that this "advice" can be taken with a grain of salt and if you fit in this picture you might consider getting yourself out of it.

(all of my "original" photos are unedited SOOC the only adjustments made were resizing for web view)



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