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>> Monday, January 10, 2011

I have officially entered the third trimester of my third pregnancy. week 25 It seems it was only yesterday I was announcing that I had a positive pregnancy test. But time sure flies and even more when huge changes are about to take place. Our lives yet again, are going to be turned upside down. These are not only small changes that are going to happen but catastrophic ones.

The end of this month marks the beginning of my husband's 6th (?) deployment, yes the ? is there because believe it or not I have lost count. This is the life of the Army family, we just put up and in my case "shut up". I'm not much of a complainer, life taught me to be self sufficient and it is actually one of the things my husband loves about me the most. Don't get me wrong, I sure like to be pampered and treated like a queen but it gets old fast! At lest for me it does. I'm a big girl and I can mow the lawn on my own, fix a broken toilet handle, check the oil on my vehicle, get the finances in order, and take care of the kids. Army wives are SUPER MOM's didn't you know that?
Being pregnant doesn't make things any different, the Army will still take my husband half a world away, and make our routine hectic. Between taking care of business and video chat sessions that break our hearts in a million pieces, the year will go fast. Before we know it Miguel will be back home enjoying his bigger family.

Jiraiya will arrive around April 23, 2011 I'll most likely have another c-section that will put his arrival slightly before the 23rd. It's right around the corner! I've been obsessing about getting things purchased. Why so soon? My husband leaves at the end of the month or the beginning week of the next. I wanted him to make important decisions with me, Car Seat, Stroller, Bedding design or colors , seem like minuscule things but it gives me peace of mind to know he's making the decisions with me, since he'll miss the last few months of my pregnancy. Of course at the end when we've made our decisions he says, well it doesn't matter you should buy what you want since I'm not going to be here pushing the stroller for one entire year :/ MEN!

This soon to be my third son, Jiraiya, has been an active little guy. It has been a little blessing to have Miguel feel his kicks. I worried that Jiraiya wouldn't be strong enough to let daddy know he was in there before he left, but he has made his presence known a million fold by now.

There are the catastrophic changes coming soon in my life one heartbreaking and one life altering. As my family grows by one, we will be missing one that temporarily resides half a world apart. Miguel hasn't left yet but I am already dreaming of the day of his return.


Esmeralda January 10, 2011 at 7:10 PM  

A month or two before Isvi left I was already worrying about how it was gonna be when he was gone! But time sure goes fast when you are a mom :)


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